Why hire an IPG or NDGAA Certified Master Groomer?

At​ The Canine Stylist we make sure to maintain a quite and calm atmosphere for your dogs time at the Salon. We groom only one dog at a time with compassion and expertise. Most small dogs are groomed in about an hour and 15 minutes. So your pet is only in a cage for 10 minutes or so while waiting for you to pick them up.

Paula Fay is dually Certified Master Groomer with National Dog Groomer Association of America and International Professional Groomers. This means you are assured that your pet will receive loving treatment and quality grooming by a Professional who is reputable and committed to meeting your high standards.  

*Grooming Procedure*

>Luxurious Bath with the Highest Quality Shampoo and Conditioners.

>Facial with Tear Free Shampoo.

>Ear Flush with Drying Rinse.

>Anal Gland Assessment.

>Toenail Clipping and File.

>Hand Fluff Dried.

>Haircut and Style.

>Bow and Cologne.


> $60.00 Per Hour For All Dogs With A 60 lb. Limit.

> $30.00 Additional Per Hour For De-Matting Coat.

* Code Of Ethics*

I, As a Certified Master Groomer in the pet industry promise to accept my responsibility when caring for all pets.  I shall enhance their beauty through proper grooming skills to help in the  creation and style best suited the individual pet and owners. To continuously educate myself and my patrons in proper care and welfare of their pet. I will not discriminate against any person. To set an example of good will and integrity, show affectionate, understanding and gentleness to all and always perform my duties in a humane manner.

Paula Fay ICMG

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